Self-education throughout adulthood


Bienvenue à Strasbourg !

How to access the conference?

If you arrive by train

From the SNCF train station:
Take Tramway access

  • Take the Tramway C (dir. Rodolphe Reuss)
  • Disembark « Esplanade » > Walk to the Patio by taking the map below to help you

If you arrive by car

Be careful, the parking spaces will charge in the neighbourhood where the symposium is held. A few free parking spaces are situated in front of the Citadelle Park, but they are rare and 500m from the Patio. If you want to make sure that you can park for a reasonable price, the best way is to go to one of the tramway car parks that offers special deals (see plan below – blue symbols « P+R ») and to access the symposium premises by tramway. The parking fee is included in the tramway ticket.

Why this conference?

The theme of self-education has permeated practice and research in adult education for over 30 years. The organization of 10 European and world conferences between 1992 and 2006 [1]  ontributed significantly to the development of a useful and unifying concept, though sometimes ambiguous and polysemous. As demonstrated by recent publications and research as well as social practices [2], its institutionalization and conceptualization are in progress. The notion of self-education reflects the concern of professionals and researchers around the multiple manifestations of human agency in education and training, highlighting the act of "educating oneself by oneself" as the common denominator. In today’s "learning society", an era that incites individuals to lifelong learning, in a world of knowledge management and learning communities, in which the increased need to transmit know-how across generations outside of family settings and in which the internet continues to exert a powerful influence on lifestyles and ways of working, teaching and learning, the notion of self-education is the multifaceted subject of this scientific and pedagogical event.

The actors involved

Seven years after the conference in Toulouse (2006), which received an unprecedented success, both in terms of participation (450 people) and quality of presentations (including the exceptional presence of Albert Bandura in France), the University of Strasbourg and the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire de Sciences de l’Éducation et de Communication (LISEC EA - 2310) are the hosting and organizing bodies of this event. With the support of the University of Paris Ouest (CREF), Rennes 2 (CREAD) and major lifelong training networks (Apapp , Second Chance Schools, Cities trades, FFFOD,...), the 8th European Conference on the theme of self-education will be held in Strasbourg (France) from October 29-31, 2014.

[1] Nantes (1994), Lille (1995), Bordeaux (1996), Montréal (1997), Dijon (1998), Barcelone (1999), Paris (2000), Montpellier (2001), Marrakech (2005), Toulouse (2006).

[2] Carré, P., Moisan, A., Poisson, D. (2010). L’autoformation, perspectives de recherche. Paris : PUF.